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SHIFT™ CRAWLER  automatically scans and catalogs legacy data sources, including ETL pipelines, scheduler jobs, and downstream consuming applications, to uncover actionable insights within the data flow to accelerate the migration to the cloud.

How it Works

SHIFT™ CRAWLER  generates detailed representations of the data it scans, either as lineage trees or network graphs, in order to help:

  • Plan the end to end migration, and
  • Migrate downstream consuming applications

What Are the Benefits?

Untangle complex data pipelines and build lineage trees to understand which pipelines feed which applications

  • Determine read/write dependencies throughout the data warehouse or application and identify hotspots based on which tables are most frequently used
  • Determine which pipelines can be automatically migrated, and which need further analysis as they feed multiple applications
  • Develop the lineage and traceability between consuming applications and their data sources
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