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Product Squares-Jet

SHIFT™ JET INTERPRETER is a plug-in replacement for Teradata utilities, such as BTEQ, FastLoad, MultiLoad, FastExport and TPT. It serves as a migration accelerator to get customers off of Teradata by eliminating the need to re-write code, and thus, move these utilities off of the migration critical path.

How it Works

SHIFT™ JET INTERPRETER parses and executes Teradata utilities, as well as reads and decodes Teradata native file formats, converting data into a format that cloud databases understand.

What Are the Benefits?

  • Moves code re-write of Teradata utilities off of the migration critical path, enabling organizations to focus on the other important aspects of their Teradata migration

  • Reads and converts Teradata files to the format that cloud databases understand

  • Supports various cloud targets, including Snowflake, AWS Redshift, Google BigQuery, and others

What is a Teradata Utility & Why Does this Matter to my Teradata Migration?

Teradata provides their users with a vast library of proprietary utilities that can be used for various actions, including import or export of data to/from Teradata, querying, and more. However, since these tools are proprietary, there are no native cloud equivalents in any cloud target platform.

Thus, organizations seeking to migrate from their Teradata data warehouse to a cloud-native version need to either re-write these utilities to a cloud-native dialect, which can take months or years, with serious performance impacts.

Re-writing these utilities as part of the migration to the cloud only adds to the time, cost and risk of the migration project.

Supported Commands:

SHIFT™ JET INTERPRETER supports all of Teradata’s vast library of utilities, including:

BTEQ Commands

FastLoad Commands

Multiload Commands

FastExport Commands

TPT Statements

TPT Operators

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